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Tesserae Project Introduction

Modular, client-based, co-created, free-form, collaborative and transformative work.   



Installations for any architectural space. Individual tessera are purchased by the piece and assembled by the client or by commission. Residential and commercial commissions available.   Modules will be available in a variety of sizes from 3x3", to 12" x 12" on up to 72" x 72" inches, reconfigurable.  Future patterns to include triangles, hexagons and other tessellated shapes.  Some panels may contain representational elements. 

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How does this work?

Measure your space. Choose pieces from the following "galleries".  Currently I am posting 12" x 12" and 24" x 24" pieces. More will follow, from 3x3", 4x4", 6x6" and others compatible a 12" grid.


Compositions: Individual pieces may be rotated for your compositional arrangement. You may may like to print the ones you choose to arrange on a table to play with compositions.  A simple pair is very effective, as are combinations of smaller and larger panels.  For examples, see this page.  For large installation pieces that really command the space, using the wall as "negative space" can be also very effective.  


Commercial clients or those who prefer my input may write to me at


Materials: Paintings are acrylic on stretched canvas and are about 3/4" deep, except in the case of solid wood panels, where so indicated, which are more like 1.5" deep. Having the work a different levels is also interesting.  The final arrangement may be mounted securely on the wall via supplied Velcro, and be repositioned, moved and remounted anywhere in any configuration.  

12" x 12" offerings are below.  

Click here for 24' x 24" pieces.  

Click here for 6" x 6" pieces (under construction)

Click here for 4" x 4" pieces (under construction)


(Example) Total size 48" X 48", composed of 16 12"X12" pieces 


(Example) Total size 24" x 24"; four 12" x 12"


(Example) Total size180cm x 180cm; four 90cm x 90cm.

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